Sports Law in Cyprus

The sports industry is becoming more and more commercialized and globalized. As a result, athletes, coaches and other stakeholders involved in the sports industry seek professional legal guidance to protect their rights and maximize their profits. Sports law is an emerging legal field that is directly interrelated and intertwined with a variety of legal disciplines, such as contract law, employment law, tort and defamation law, corporate law, immigration law, and privacy rights.

The assistance of a professional lawyer with extensive knowledge of the aforementioned areas of law is essential both for professionals in the sports industry (such as athletes, coaches, physiotherapists, etc.) and for other interested parties, such as the boards of directors of clubs. sports, investors, etc.

Investors: Sports are not just limited to stadium regulations as they are intertwined with society and the economy, especially with the entertainment and advertising industries. As a result, sport can be a lucrative investment area through sponsorship and advertising. From one point of view, sport has generated investment opportunities in areas such as broadcasting rights, which are related to the field of intellectual property. On the one hand, sport has created a new marketing field that develops investment opportunities in areas such as sports club actions where most sports clubs have become companies.

Athletes, Sports Professionals and Clubs: The constant mobility of athletes and other sports professionals between teams, coupled with the complexity of contracts, includes a variety of legal concerns. As a result, the legal representation of athletes, professionals and clubs is vital. Lawyers can assist you in matters related to contract law, breach of contracts, transfers, etc.


Sports Law in Cyprus


Before signing the contract, athletes and other sports professionals should ensure that they are familiar with the many terms and conditions. Be aware that a contract between a professional athlete and a club can be subject to abuse. For example, in the event that a sports club in Cyprus does not respect its participation in relation to its obligations to the professional athlete / sportsman, the professional athlete / sportsman may submit a claim for damages and / or compensation to the courts of Cyprus. or to the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber. Therefore, the assistance of a professional lawyer is essential.

Competent authority in Cyprus:

The competent authority in Cyprus is the Cyprus Sports Organization (CSO), which is a quasi-governmental organization. According to the law, civil society organizations can act as the supreme sports authority in Cyprus.

Why is legal support necessary?

Sport is one of the most profitable industries with excellent investment opportunities and huge profits. Therefore, proper legal support can help athletes, sports professionals, and other stakeholders to maximize their benefits and protect their rights. As indicated, athletes, sports professionals and other interested parties, before appointing a legal representative in the Republic of Cyprus, should ensure that their lawyer has in-depth knowledge and experience in a variety of areas of law.