The Best Sports Bars in London

I poured water into the pool last year and moved from beloved New York City to London. I have always had a special place for London in my heart and when I had the opportunity to work in London I could not turn it down.

There are many things I was looking forward to exploring in London, of course all the famous museums and monuments were top on the list, but finding a good sports bar in London was definitely the top priority. I am a huge sports fan, I love my American sports including American football and baseball, so having a sports bar in London proved that American sport was essential. I was also eager to embrace the British sport on offer, and was determined to give cricket a chance, and I always followed the Premier League.

After searching the internet, it became apparent that there were many options for sports bars in London. The most famous and prominent was The Sports Cafe in Haymarket. I spoke to a few Londoners and they definitely recommended me, so I thought I’d give it a try with football first. The New England Patriots were playing the New York Jets, which is a pretty fierce rivalry, so this was a perfect game to see the atmosphere in the pub. Sports Cafe was showing this on the big screen and the boy was a fan of this sports bar. There are TV screens scattered throughout the bar and the d├ęcor is dedicated to sports, even with an F1 car model, so keep in mind that if there is a major sporting event this London bar is sure to come.

There were a lot of football fans watching the game and it was great to have table service where we were able to sit and enjoy the game and order a lot of beer and so little food. The menu is classic American, so there are plenty of burgers, sandwiches, and chicken wings! After talking to the staff here, I also decided that this was really a 24/7 sports bar, where they offer live sports all night if there is a big game. For example, cricket fans flock here to attend the Ashes matches between England and Australia, so if you want to spend a night in London with sports, this is the place to go.


The Best Sports Bars in London


After the sports bar I was looking for something more local and authentic because it was definitely more of an American style sports bar. I spoke to some of my co-workers and found that there are many traditional pubs in London that offer sports.

The best thing I found was the Three Kings of Kensington. This is another dedicated sports bar in London, but it is located in a large pub with designated areas based on the game being played, so you may have a group of rugby fans in the main room cheering on your team, then a lot of soccer fans in another area looking at the multiple screens. The atmosphere here is lively with a lot of singing and it is fast becoming one of my favorite bars in London to watch sports.

Some of London’s great sports bars include Jetlag Bar in central London, which has comfortable sofas and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for watching games. I also really like The Roxy on London Bridge, which doubles as a late-night cinema, so it’s a great place to watch rugby in particular. If you want a lively atmosphere, The Clapham Grand is a great place because it is an old theater, so you can sit with over 1,200 people and watch one of the largest sports screens you have ever seen.

As you can see, there are plenty of sports bar options in London so I hope you enjoy some of them.